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More Working Groups

As planning processes continue, other working groups may be added to address certain aspects of campus life and other University functions during the pandemic.

Study, Dining & Rehearsal Spaces Working Group

The objectives of this group are:

  • To identify the spaces currently available that can potentially be utilized for independent study and/or eating by students
  • To identify what preparation is required to operationalize, including access/hours
  • To identify what new/additional procedures need to be put into place for operationalization

Additionally, this group has also been asked to explore/discuss individual student rehearsal spaces for those involved with the Arts.

Who is in the Study, Dining & Rehearsal Spaces Working Group?
Name Unit
Alicia Berg Facilities Services
Blair Archambeau Office of the Provost
Brenda Johnson Regenstein Library
Jen Kennedy Campus and Student Life
Mike Hayes (lead) Campus and Student Life
Régine Desruisseaux Enuson  The College

Summer Working Group

Some of the questions the group may address include:

  • How does the range of summer activities differ from those of the academic year, and how can existing protocols be adapted to the unique summer environment?
  • What new policies and protocols may be needed to address the unique requirements of short-term summer programs primarily serving visitors?
  • What information do summer program managers need to plan their programs while constantly evolving COVID-19 restrictions are still in place?
  • How does this group best coordinate with other Working Groups to provide summer-specific guidance as the COVID-19 landscape changes?

This group plans to deliver recommendations for policies and protocols adapted to the unique needs of summer activities, submitted to University Leadership. The group also plans to develop helpful frameworks, tools, and guidance to staff members across campus who manage summer programs, disseminated through

Who is in the Summer Working Group?
Name Unit
Aneesa Saleh Dean of Students / The College
Beth Niestat UChicago GRAD
Carol Lin-Murphy Undergraduate Admissions
Christine Parker (lead) Summer Session
Dan Koehler Office of the Dean – The College
Dana Currier Study Abroad
Danika Kmetz Office of Communications
John D’Angelo Facilities
Kenyatta Tatum-Futterman Office of Risk Management
Liz Shanin Office of Legal Counsel
Marc Ehman Student Health and Wellness
Navneet Bhasin Biological Sciences Division
Nick Seamons Office of International Affairs
Régine Desruisseaux Enuson Dean of Students / The College
Scott Campbell Office of the Registrar
Sophia Chaknis Housing and Residence Life
Stephanie Friedman Summer Session

If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, promptly report to, even if you have not been on campus.