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Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program

All members of the campus community who are living in the University residence halls, as well as varsity student-athletes who live off-campus, are required to participate in a weekly testing program, administered by the University of Chicago Medicine. Testing participants will be preregistered and scheduled a specific day for their weekly test, which will be held in their respective residence halls. Testing began as soon as possible after arrival to campus and then continued weekly after that. All participants in the Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program must sign a consent form and register for a MyChart account, a medical patient portal, to begin testing and be eligible to live in University Housing.

  • How to register for the program
    • Members of the Mandatory Surveillance Testing population—those living in residence halls and varsity student athletes—were automatically registered for the testing program. They must complete and sign consent and HIPAA authorization forms and also sign up for their account in MyChart, a medical portal, prior to moving into the residence hall, and prior to the start of team activities for athletes.
  • Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program locations and hours
    • Testing will be conducted in each residence hall for Winter and Spring Quarters. Each residence hall will have a scheduled day for testing each week, from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Sunday will serve as a makeup day for both Mandatory Surveillance and Voluntary Surveillance testing programs and be held at one of the on-campus testing locations for the Voluntary Surveillance Testing Program.
    • Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program locations and test days:
      • Monday: Granville Grossman, First Floor Room W110
      • Tuesday: Woodlawn Residential Commons, First Floor, Room 115
      • Wednesday: Max Palevsky, East Room 104
      • Thursday: Burton Judson, Cohler Room, International House, Dining Room
      • Friday: Campus North Residential Commons, Room 269, Second Floor Commons
    • Test information
      • The test is a PCR nasal swab administered by a trained medical assistant. This is less invasive than a nasopharyngeal test; it requires a light swabbing of the inside of the nose. PCR tests offer high levels of sensitivity and specificity.
      • The test should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
      • There is no cost to participants; insurance information is not required.
    • Results
      • Results from your test will be available within 48 hours and available on MyChart, a medical patient portal.
      • If you test positive for COVID-19, your result will be available on MyChart, and you will be contacted by phone with next steps and options for follow-up care. If you are a student, you will be contacted by UChicago Student Wellness; all other faculty and, other academic appointees, postdoctoral researchers, and staff will be notified by UCM.
    • Frequently asked questions

If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, promptly report to, even if you have not been on campus.