Guidance for Individuals in Isolation

The news that you have tested positive for COVID-19 may be disconcerting, but the University of Chicago is here to support you as you navigate this period.

General Information on Isolation

Anyone living on campus who tests positive for coronavirus must live in isolation housing until cleared to return to campus by the University’s Contact Tracing Team. Those living off campus are advised to isolate in their homes.

While no one wants to stay away from the rest of campus, the goal of isolation is to enable individuals to recover from illness and prevent spread of COVID-19.  Even if you are asymptomatic, staying in isolation will help keep others safe while you are contagious.

You are welcome to attend classes remotely if you are able. Remote options are available for virtually all classes. You should follow up with your adviser if you require additional academic support.

Once isolation is complete you must continue following the same precautions such as wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance. While you will develop some immunity in order to get over COVID-19, we don’t know how long that will last. The precautions are in place for the safety of our entire community.

Participation in the Mandatory/Voluntary Surveillance Testing Program will be suspended for those who test positive for a period of up to 90 days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Isolation Information for Students

Students living in on-campus housing who have questions about isolation housing are encouraged to contact Housing and Residence Life staff. Off-campus students are encouraged to be in touch with the Contact Tracing team if they have questions about their release from isolation. Any student who needs non-urgent medical care is encouraged to contact UChicago Student Wellness at 773-834-WELL.