Planning the Resumption of Programs and Operations on Campus

Facilities Services

Overview of UChicago Operations Status

 Here’s the latest status of University buildings and operations:



Academic Buildings

Limited Access

Research Laboratories

Limited Access

Administration Buildings

Limited Access


Closed. Pickup service available for materials and additional services provided online.

Dining Commons


Residence Halls


Recreation Centers




For additional information, including building-level status, please refer to the Campus Map below.

Campus Map: Building Status

To assist in the phased resumption of research and other activities on campus, the University’s facilities are being made ready to accommodate faculty, staff and students in a new COVID-19 affected environment. The preparations include making appropriate adjustments to the building systems, signage and cleaning protocols.

To track the progress of this process, this campus map indicates which facilities are open only to authorized individuals with ID card access, as well as facilities that are partially occupied and in-use by authorized personnel, those that are ready to occupy, and facilities where additional preparation is needed. 

*Access to open and partially open facilities is subject to the approval of resumption of research plans and the University’s phased approach to re-opening, and thus a green, blue and yellow designation does not mean that the building now can be occupied to its pre-pandemic level.

For any issues in University buildings, submit an online service request through Facilities Services.

Please contact Matthew Curtin at for additional information.

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedures And Spatial Configurations

University Facilities Service has worked to address health and safety in classrooms, workplaces, and other space on campus. Ventilation specifications and cleaning protocols align with guidance from the UChicago Medicine’s epidemiology team and relevant governmental agencies. The University has established spatial configuration guidelines that will reduce density and facilitate social distancing in classrooms and other spaces across campus.

Please contact for additional information.

COVID-19 Signage

Campus signs have been designed to help units promote health requirements, social distancing, proper cleaning, and other guidelines. The University is posting these signs across campus and welcome others to print or customize these signs and post them within your University buildings.

On-Site Vendor Access

In keeping with the University’s expectation that every person who comes to a University facility adopt precautions designed to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, UChicago has created a process – including a required form – for units that need to have vendors who are critical to University operations (e.g. contracted services, those repairing or installing equipment) onsite. The vendors must have a designated University sponsor, be approved by unit leaders, and complete a COVID-19 Vendor Access form prior to their arrival. The University sponsor is responsible for collecting the completed COVID-19 Vendor Access Form, providing building access to the vendor, and monitoring the vendor’s compliance with the University’s safety precautions. 

Vendor FAQs

What forms or waivers are required of vendors or contractors?

The health and safety of our community is the University’s highest priority. The University expects every person who comes to a University facility, whether as an employee, faculty member, other academic appointee, student, postdoctoral researcher, vendor/contractor (“Vendor”), volunteer, or other visitor, to adopt precautions designed to mitigate the risk of viral transmission. The University of Chicago has outlined safety precautions that can be found on

Vendors that are critical to University operations (e.g. contracted services, those repairing or installing equipment) may enter University facilities provided that they are sponsored by a designated University Sponsor and approved by unit leaders (Deans and Officers or their delegates). These Vendors will be subject to the same precautions as the University community and must complete the following COVID-19 Vendor Access Form, which includes requirements for working in University buildings, Vendor attestation and a Vendor access log.

The University Sponsor is responsible for collecting the executed COVID-19 Vendor Access Form, providing building access to the Vendor, and ensuring that the Vendor follows the University’s safety precautions.

*University facility includes all buildings owned by the University, including offices, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, cafes, residence halls, or other University facility in Hyde Park and greater Chicago, and the Howard T. Ricketts Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois, and all other premises occupied by University personnel in buildings owned by other parties. This does not include the National Laboratories and does not include property leased to third parties by the University’s Commercial Real Estate Operations.

Does the University require vendors or contactors to take a COVID-19 test before coming to a University facility?

The University does not require vendors or contractors to take a COVID-19 test before coming to a University facility. However, testing may be a requirement of the vendor’s or contractor’s company.

If a vendor or contractor tests positive for COVID-19, where should this be reported?

The vendor or contractor must report positive COVID-19 cases to the University Sponsor. The University Sponsor will then inform the University Contact Tracing team at

Will the University conduct contact tracing for vendors and contractors?

The University Contact Tracing Team will reach out to a vendor or contractor to gather information about the type of symptoms and time the person was infectious to determine if other people affiliated with the University may have been exposed; however, the University is not responsible for conducting contact tracing for vendors or contractors with COVID-19.

If the University Contact Tracing Team determines that a vendor or contractor was potentially in close contact with a University affiliate who had COVID-19, the vendor or contractor will be notified via the University Sponsor and/or University Contact Tracing team, as appropriate. Notification will occur ONLY in cases where a vendor or contractor was potentially in close contact with a positive case.  Relevant information will be shared to the extent possible while protecting the medical privacy of all personnel.