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Facilities Services

Hyde Park Campus Building Update

As Autumn Quarter begins, the University is increasing access to facilities on the Hyde Park campus through a phased approach, with access varying by building. Below you’ll find more information on the approach, including details about specific locations. All buildings will require your UChicago ID to enter.

Expectations in Buildings

Anyone who will be on campus or in other University space must complete the COVID-19 training and attestation. Everyone is expected to follow the UChicago Health Pact while in campus buildings, including maintaining social distance, wearing face coverings, and reporting safety concerns to UCAIR. In addition:

  • Do not congregate; maintain 6 feet of distance from others whenever possible.
  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your class starts and leave the classroom when class is over.
  • Wipe surfaces with sanitizer before and after use.
  • Follow the most direct path to classrooms and other spaces.
  • Adhere to signage in buildings, including not sitting or otherwise using areas blocked off or marked as not for use.
  • Know that that many buildings’ lounge and other common spaces have been closed to facilitate socially distancing and encourage studying in spaces designated for such use.
Academic Building Access for Students

Student access will vary by building. Certain academic buildings, particularly those with cafes/dining areas, will be open to all members of the campus community. Other academic buildings will only be accessible to students with in-person classes. In addition, certain academic buildings will only be accessible to students with classes in those buildings.

Access to academic buildings with in-person instruction starting September 29 has already been granted. Access for other academic buildings with in-person instruction starting October 5 is currently being programmed. Access adjustments will be made as needed the first few weeks of Autumn Quarter to accommodate add/drop periods. Graduate students who are teaching assistants for in-person classes will have appropriate building access the week of October 5.

Classrooms will be closed when instruction is not taking place, to allow for proper cleaning and sanitation.

Building Access for Faculty, OAAs, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Staff

Faculty, OAAs, postdoctoral researchers, and staff will be given the same building access they had before the pandemic. Approved implementation or resumption plans are still necessary. The Department of Safety and Security will work with units whose buildings are not being used for in-person instruction to determine the dates access resumes. The BSD Dean’s Office will coordinate with units for buildings using the BSD access control system. Please contact your academic leader, supervisor, or COVID-19 unit lead if you have a question about your building access.



Academic Buildings

Limited Access

Research Laboratories

Limited Access

Administration Buildings

Limited Access


Patrons can reserve specific seats in the Library for quiet, individual study or to use a computer workstation or printer. Online services also available, including scheduling material pickup.
More information about locations, hours, and offerings.

Residential Dining Commons

Open (residential students only) for carry out and limited seating. Hours of service and additional details for Autumn Quarter for other on-campus dining options.

Academic Cafés and Food Courts

  • Hutchinson Commons: open to campus community for carryout only
  • Café Logan: open to campus community, effective October 5
  • Peach’s Café: open to campus community for carryout only, effective October 5 
  • Tiffin Café: open to I-House residents, effective October 5
  • Bar David – open to students, faculty, and staff with access to Rubenstein Forum
  • Law Café: open to students, faculty, and staff with Law School building access

Coffee Shops

  • Starbucks at Saieh Hall: open to those with Saieh Hall access, effective October 5
  • Pret A Manger: open to campus community for carryout only
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore Café: open to campus community


  • Midway Market: open to campus community for carryout only, effective October 5
  •  Maroon Market: open to campus community for carryout only, effective October 5

Quad Club

Weekday takeout lunch program available. Orders can be placed by phone at 773.702.2550 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., with pickup at the Club Lounge available 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Online ordering will be available at beginning in October.

In-person dining and other in-person activities suspended.

Residence Halls

Limited access. Access to rooms and living spaces in all residence halls is limited to building residents only, at all times. Overnight guests, including family members, are not permitted.

Recreation Centers

Limited access to Ratner for students only. Reservations are required.

Information and scheduling now available.

Other Student Services Spaces

Limited access to Rockefeller and Bond Chapels, for approved students engaged in musical instruction.


Open. Online orders also available.

For additional dining location information, please refer to the Campus Dining Map

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedures And Spatial Configurations

University Facilities Service has worked to address health and safety in classrooms, workplaces, and other space on campus. Ventilation specifications and cleaning protocols align with guidance from the UChicago Medicine’s epidemiology team and relevant governmental agencies. The University has established spatial configuration guidelines that will reduce density and facilitate social distancing in classrooms and other spaces across campus.

Please contact for additional information.

COVID-19 Signage

Campus signs have been designed to help units promote health requirements, social distancing, proper cleaning, and other guidelines. The University is posting these signs across campus and welcome others to print or customize these signs and post them within your University buildings.

Heated Tents on Campus

The University has installed a small number of heated tents that are available in locations across campus. These tents can be used as alternative spaces for instruction, for limited outdoor seating for students to use for study space and dining, and for approved extracurricular convenings. Strict capacity limitations and other guidelines apply when using the tents. 


  • Logan Center: Two tents are available for classroom instruction and approved extracurricular gatherings.
  • Quadrangle Club: Two tents are available exclusively for classroom instruction.
  • Hutch Commons, Bartlett Dining Commons, and Gerald Ratner Athletics Center: Each location has one tent available for limited seating from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. for student study space and dining and for approved extracurricular gatherings.

Using Tents for Instruction

Tents at the Logan Center and Quadrangle Club and open-air classroom spaces at the Snell-Hitchcock Quad serve as alternative spaces for classroom instruction. Instructors can reserve these spaces by contacting the Registrar.

Using Tents for Student Study Space and Dining

Tents at Hutch Commons, Bartlett Dining Commons and the Ratner Athletics Center are open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. for student study space and dining. Reservations are not needed, however students should limit their stay in the tent to one hour when it is busy. While in the tents, students must:

  • Sit one per table, which are pre-set for social distancing
  • Wear a mask at all times except when eating
  • Clean the table and chair upon arrival and before leaving

Student staff are available on-site to answer questions and provide support.

Reserving Tents for Approved Extracurricular Convenings

Students can request to reserve tents for approved extracurricular events through the Student Centers office by calling 773.834.0858 or emailing In-person events should be proposed only where essential; additional information on the approval process and guidelines for in-person events for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) can be found on the Center for Leadership and Involvement website.

If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, promptly report to, even if you have not been on campus.