COVID-19 Dashboard

The University of Chicago COVID-19 Dashboard provides important information on the status of COVID-19 at the University and the health of the campus community. You can find detailed weekly information, including the weekly surveillance test positivity rate, by hovering over the bars in the graph below.

- Close contact figures for the week of 1/7 are not yet finalized.

  1. The Surveillance Testing portion of the Dashboard is updated weekly. It uses data from the University’s Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program and the Voluntary Surveillance Testing Program.
  2. The Students in Isolation portion of the Dashboard shows the latest figures on the number of students on and off campus who have tested positive and are currently in isolation, following CDC guidelines. These figures are updated weekly. They also include the number of students who have completed isolation procedures and have been cleared to return to campus. In categories where very few students are in isolation, the dashboard displays “< 5” to help protect confidentiality. The number of on-campus students in isolation may, at times, include on-campus students who are isolating off campus.
  3. The Overall Cases and Close Contacts section provides weekly figures on overall new cases and the number of close contacts at the University who have been identified by the University’s contact tracing team. This data draws from positive cases identified by our Surveillance Testing programs, as well as cases identified among members of the University community who sought testing because they had potential symptoms of COVID-19 or had close contact with a known case. The current Close Contact figure does not include people who have tested positive; when someone tests positive, they are added to the Overall Cases total.

Additional information is available on the University’s testing programs and procedures for isolation and quarantine.

For COVID-19 data from September 20, 2020 through September 8, 2021, please view this dashboard.