Working Together to Protect our Community and Advance our Academic Mission

Collaboration Groups

Collaboration groups have been established to explore issues related to important campus activities and experiences. These cross-disciplinary teams are providing recommendations on how to sustain these operations in conjunction with new campus safety protocols.

Student Orientation Collaboration Group

The Student Orientation Collaboration Group serves as a forum for people from across the University to discuss how COVID-19 health and safety requirements impact the student orientation experience; discuss what can be effectively delivered virtually and what is best handled in person; and identify how COVID-19 guidelines can and should be integrated into orientation programs. The group shares common challenges and potential solutions and can identify/surface important questions or concerns to other centralized groups where decisions might need to be made.

Who is in the Student Orientation Collaboration Group?
Name Unit
Amima Diagne Office of International Affairs
Ashley Johnson University Communications
Becka Mock UChicagoGRAD
Brooke Noonan (co-lead) UChicagoGRAD
Chloe Binder College Programming and Orientation
Danika Kmetz Office of Communications
Jennifer Kennedy Campus & Student Life
Jimmy Brown Center for Leadership and Involvement
Julie Edwards UChicago Student Wellness
Kalee Schelkopf UChicagoGRAD
Marc Klein Office of Legal Counsel
Ravi Randhava Center for Identity + Inclusion
Regine Desruisseaux Enuson (co-lead) Dean of Students / The College
Roxsand King Facilities Services
Sophia Chaknis Housing & Residence Life
Whitney Hedge College Programming and Orientation

International Student Experience Collaboration Group

This collaboration group focuses on issues and questions related to international student engagement and experience given the pandemic. While not a decision-making body, the group provides a collaborative forum to exchange best practices, brainstorm novel solutions, and surface critical questions or decisions that a leadership group would need to consider. Key issues and ideas include how life will be for students who may not be able to join in person at the start of the year, opportunities for aggregation of students in their home regions, best practices for advising students about accessing course content from abroad, the rapidly evolving visa and immigration landscape, and more.

Many units are interested in leveraging the University’s Centers abroad to support opportunities for international student engagement and community building, and in partnership with the Global Centers Working Group, this body can help centralize those requests.

Who is in the International Student Experience Collaboration Group?
Name Unit
Anita Lumpkin Divinity School
Bahareh Lampert Physical Sciences Division
Brandon Kurzweg Harris School of Public Policy
Chad Cyrenne Division of the Social Sciences
Charles Preston Divinity School
Chiara Montanari Career Advancment
Christina Fountain Alumni Relations & Development
Cynthia Okechukwu Office of Legal Counsel
Denise Jorgens International House
Dina Rashed The College
Eloise Hyman Admissions
Eman Alsamara Harris Student Affairs
Emily Easton UChicagoGRAD
Jarqeutta Egeston DoS – UChicago PE
Jay Ellison The College
Jennifer Waters Campus & Student Life
Jessica Jaggers Chicago Booth
Jo Cai UChicagoGRAD
Julie Morton Chicago Booth
Katie Hrinyak UChicago Global
Kelly Pollock Division of the Social Sciences
Kiana Creese Harris School of Public Policy
Linyu Liu Facilities Services
Maren Robinson Division of the Humanities
Mari Meyer Global Engagement & Affinity Programs
Marie Bejarano UChicago Global
Matthew Hendricks The College
Meredith Daw Career Advancement
Michelle Trimpe Admissions
Nick Fahnders ARD
Nick Seamons (co-lead) Office of International Affairs
Pete Segall Registrar
Regine Desruisseaux Enuson The College
Rich Delewsky Harris School of Public Policy
Rich Johnson Booth London
Rovana Popoff Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
Sarah Walter (co-lead) The College
Scott Campbell University Registrar
Shea Wolfe Division of Humanities
Shilin Liu Harris School of Public Policy
Simon Nascimento College Admissions
Sophia Chaknis Housing & Residence Life
Tom Priebe Alumni Relations & Development

Note: Italics signify faculty members.

Events Collaboration Group

The Events Collaboration Group discusses how events will be best planned and executed given the health and safety guidelines in place for COVID-19. The group exchanges ideas about what has worked well in the past, raise questions about challenges/barriers, and discuss best practices for events taking place virtually and in person.

The group is not expected to produce guidelines or new policies.  A document of best practices for both virtual and in-person events during the pandemic would be an ideal deliverable.

Who is in the Events Collaboration Group?
Name Unit
Andi Joppie Alumni Relations & Development
Ashley Samz Medicine and Biological Sciences Development
Barb Siska (co-lead) University Events and Ceremonies
Becka Mock UChicagoGRAD
Beth Venecek Secretary of the University
Brian Donahue College Programming Office
Caron Howard Medicine and Biological Sciences Development
Cassey Limgenco Law School
Christine Hurley Institute of Politics
Colleen Mastony Office of Communications
Daniela Butler-Ludwig Alumni Relations & Development
Danielle Broadwater University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
Denise Jorgens International House
Derek Bundy Campus & Student Life
Greg Redenius Logan Center
James Brown Center for Leadership and Involvement
Jane Rodriguez Chicago Booth
Jason Coleman Harper Center
Jennifer Kennedy (co-lead) Center for Leadership and Involvement
Jodi Daily Harris School of Public Policy
John Carey Regenstein Library
Kate Moore UChicago Global
Kathleen Golomb Facilities Support Systems
Laura Hicks Gordon Parks Art Hall
Mackenzie Ellis Chicago Booth
Matthew Dean University Chapels
Matthew Hendricks College Programming and Orientation
Matt Williams Eckhardt Research Center
Megan Smith Quadrangle Club
Mimi Lopez David Rubenstein Forum
Morgan Tomaso Chicago Booth
Nika Levando Office of Civic Engagement
Rob Rush Office of Legal Counsel
Sarah Polachek Smart Museum
Stefanie R. White The Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

Campus Dining Collaboration Group

The Campus Dining Collaboration Group discusses how University health and safety protocols and guidelines from public health organizations can be effectively operationalized in different food service environments. The group leverages one another to share ideas/solutions to solicit feedback and discuss best practices that should be common to all campus dining venues.

This group is a follow-on group from the Housing and Dining Working Group that developed guidance for the student residential dining program that has benefit for the larger community of dining facilities on campus – from cafés in University facilities to Lab Schools, Quad Club to Gleacher Center, retail to the new David Rubenstein Forum.

Who is in the Campus Dining Collaboration Group?
Name Unit
Adam Santos Environmental Health and Safety
Christopher Toote (co-lead) UChicago Dining
Colin Greene (co-lead) Chicago Booth – Gleacher Center
Danika Kmetz Office of Communications 
Emilio Gonzalez Quadrangle Club
Gregory Whitmore Housing & Residence Life
Jason Coleman Chicago Booth – Harper Center
Jayne VanderVelde UChicago Lab Schools
Jennifer Kennedy Campus & Student Life
Jody Pradelski Emergency Management
Kayla Arthur David Rubenstein Forum
Lupe Nieves Campus & Student Life
Matthew Powers UChicago Dining
Russell Herron Office of Legal Counsel
Stella Moy Harris School of Public Policy
Suzanne Riggle Resident Dean

Library Building Access Collaboration Group

The Library Building Access Collaboration Group fully explored campus needs and engaged stakeholders to understand the depth and breadth of requests for Library service, resources and space. Additionally, this group discussed what the library can offer in those areas given COVID-related constraints on staffing and space use. ​A framework of priorities was created to inform the library’s strategic planning.

Who is in the Library Building Access Collaboration Group?
Name Unit
Anthony Casey Law School
Beth Niestat Human Resources
Brenda Johnson (lead) The University of Chicago Library
Brett Liebsker Human Resources
Christopher Wild Humanities Division
Daniel Koehler The College
David Nirenberg Divinity School
Esty Gur Social Service Administration
Gille Abdiraxman-Issa (staffing) The University of Chicago Library
Jeanne Farnan Pritzker School of Medicine
Jimmy Brown Center for Leadership and Involvement
John D’Angelo Facilities Services
Rachel Rosenberg (staffing) The University of Chicago Library

Note: Italics signify faculty members.

If you have been exposed to or test positive for COVID-19, promptly report to, even if you have not been on campus.