Working Together to Protect our Community and Advance our Academic Mission

Athletics and Recreation

The charge of the Athletics and Recreation Planning Group is to study, discuss and ultimately present recommendations on best practices for providing varsity athletics and recreation activities at the University while promoting student and community safety.  Given the dynamic course of the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving local and national conditions, the working group will consider various risks, contingencies and alternative scenarios in its planning and recommendations.

Planning Focus

Athletics and Recreation: Achieving competitive excellence; a commitment to teaching; integrity; providing fitness and recreational opportunities to the campus community; and promoting and supporting healthy living.

The main objectives of the planning group’s recommendations are as follows:

  • Recommend and implement an adapted varsity athletics program for our student-athletes in 2020-21, with the full understanding that traditional competition may not be possible.
  • Recommend and implement indoor and outdoor fitness and recreation opportunities for students starting in Autumn Quarter 2020.
  • Prioritize the health and safety of all students, coaches, trainers and staff in the Department of Athletics and Recreation.

The planning group will make its recommendations for the fall varsity sport season by August 1 and for the Autumn Quarter campus recreation and fitness program by September 1. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in the Athletics and Recreation planning group?
Name Unit
Michele Rasmussen (co-lead) Campus & Student Life
Rosalie Resch (co-lead) Athletics & Recreation
Amy Reifert Athletics & Recreation / Women’s Soccer
Anthony Martinez Athletics & Recreation
Brian Brock Athletics & Recreation
Bruce Reider UChicago Medicine
Chris Wilkerson Athletics & Recreation / Football
Holly Benjamin UChicago Medicine
Liz Shanin Office of Legal Counsel
Mary Wisniewski Athletics & Recreation / Sports Medicine
Maya Gharpure Facilities Services
Nicole Watkins University Communications
Richard Mason Campus & Student Life
Robert Petrowski Athletics & Recreation