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Arts Programs and Institutions

The group, comprised of faculty and staff representing a variety of units, focuses on providing the UChicago community with guidance regarding the production, presentation, and experience of art and artifacts in campus museums, theaters, studios, music practice rooms, and other arts spaces in light of the health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19. Guided by the recommendations and protocols already established by other planning groups, the Arts Programs and Arts Institutions Group plans the protocols for convening co-curricular, extra-curricular and public facing artistic functions on campus. The group makes available pertinent information and resources, including guidelines on relevant policies and constraints, in service to students, faculty, staff, and the community, and with a view to supporting academic and research excellence as well as our culture of creativity, collaboration, and community engagement.

Planning Focus

Some of the questions the group has addressed include:

  • What is the existing capacity for the production and consumption of art and artifacts in campus facilities consistent with governmental and University guidance?
  • What is the appropriate sequence, speed, and scale by which arts programs and arts institutions should open for co-curricular and public work?
  • How can we best accommodate audiences for the various venues and types of events that we offer within state, local, and University guidelines for convening?
  • What directives beyond those that are already available would be most helpful to the full range of arts programs and institutions regarding the preparation and presentation of artistic work as well as public convenings on campus?
  • How can the University best balance its commitment to engaging the community through our arts programs and institutions while also upholding mandated limitations for density and visitors on campus?


The group has delivered:

  • A report in answer to the charge for consideration by University Leadership
  • Frameworks and guidance appropriate for distribution to museums and arts institution

Read the plan for phased re-opening of arts spaces and resumption of arts activities across campus

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in the Arts Programs and Arts Institutions planning group?
Name Unit
David Levin (co-lead) Office of the Provost
Tracy McCabe (co-lead) Office of the President
Angel Ysaguirre Court Theatre
Barbara Schubert Department of Music
Bill Michel Logan Center
Catherine Sullivan Department of Visual Arts
Christopher Woods Oriental Institute
Ellen MacKay Department of English Language and Literature
Elspeth Carruthers Neubauer Collegium
Holly Lee Warren (staffing) Logan Center
John Wilkinson Department of English Language and Literature
Katie Martin Peck Facilities Services
Matthew Dean University Chapels
Michael Christiano Smart Museum
Mike Drapa Office of Communications
Mike Hayes Campus & Student Life
Robert Rush Office of Legal Counsel
Wendy Williams Office of Civic Engagement

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