Planning the Resumption of Programs and Operations on Campus

We look forward to welcoming our community back to campus, with a renewed spirit of care for one another. The University is committed to maintaining the UChicago community’s distinctive academic and intellectual qualities and values, while working to protect the health of students, faculty, other academic appointees, postdoctoral researchers, staff, visitors, and our broader community. In close collaboration with public health experts and UChicago Medicine, we’re implementing a wide range of health and well-being practices, and we’re committed to creating a campus culture focused on shared responsibility for protecting the health and safety of every member of our community.

Latest News and Information

Planning Updates

In addition to these six areas, planning groups have also been established to focus on arts programs/campus arts institutions, community programs and civic engagement, and campus athletics and recreation. Preparation for the resumption of other campus activities are underway with collaboration groups focusing on dining operations, events, student orientation, and international student experience.

Our Guiding Priorities 

COVID-19 Health Requirements

Our Guiding Priorities 

Academic Quality

We must maintain the distinctive qualities of our academic community that sustains our approach to education, research, and intellectual life at the University.

Public Health Considerations

A key objective is to protect the health of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University. We will rely extensively on guidance from the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM), which has some of the world’s leading experts in infectious disease and maintaining public health. Some of the relevant issues under discussion include the availability of widespread testing and its interpretation, use of face coverings and personal protective equipment (PPE), the level of population density on campus in various campus environments and the relationship to the potential spread of COVID-19, social distancing, quarantine when necessary, protecting vulnerable populations, and building a campus culture in which each individual recognizes our individual and collective responsibility for maintaining a healthy environment.

Government Guidance

We will act in accordance with the guidelines of public health agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. This will include alignment with the state’s “Restore Illinois” plan, and Chicago’s framework consistent with that plan. We are closely evaluating these materials and their implications for our campus plans in the coming months.

Financial Sustainability

We will work to mitigate financial risks that the pandemic has caused for all major institutions of higher education, including ours, while offering as much support as possible for University faculty, students and staff, bearing in mind the severe financial impact of the pandemic, globally and at the University.

Regular Updates

We will continue to communicate plans and expectations to ensure that we have a common understanding of what is ahead of us, with a decision by the end of June concerning plans for the Autumn Quarter.

COVID-19 Health Requirements

Individuals who return to campus to campus are required to follow the University’s COVID-19 Health Requirements:

Additional information about policies, procedures, density and staging for the gradual resumption of research and other critical functions on campus and in other University locations is forthcoming and will be added in this area.